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Real madrid wolfsburg

real madrid wolfsburg

Champions League, Sp. S, U, N, Tore. Zu Hause, 1, 1, 0, 0, 3: 0. Auswärts, 1, 0, 0, 1, 0: 2. ∑, 2, 1, 0, 1, 3: 2. GESAMT, Sp. S, U, N, Tore. Zu Hause, 1, 1, 0, 0, 3. Foto: afp. Der VfL Wolfsburg hat im Viertelfinal-Hinspiel der Champions League einen überraschenden Erfolg gegen Real Madrid gelandet. 7. Apr. Sensation in der Champions League: Der VfL Wolfsburg hat das Viertelfinal- Hinspiel gegen Real Madrid überraschend gewonnen.


Real madrid wolfsburg - recollect more

Fussball International - Nächste Spiele. Weitere Angebote des Olympia-Verlags: Die besten Bilder der ran-User ran. Der Franzose musste kurz darauf verletzt ausgewechselt werden. Isco , Casemiro, T. Jetzt wird es hitzig. James soll in der Schlussphase nochmal etwas bewegen.{/ITEM}

Aus der Traum: Der dreifache Ronaldo und Real Madrid verhindern die Wolfsburger Sensation. 6. Apr. Wahnsinn in Wolfsburg: Im Viertelfinal-Hinspiel rangen die Wölfe Real Madrid mit nieder. Eine defensiv stabile Leistung und schnelle. Sensation im Viertelfinale der Champions League! Der VfL Wolfsburg siegt im Hinspiel gegen Real Madrid Aber wie hat Wolfsburg das geschafft?.{/PREVIEW}

{ITEM-80%-1-1}So haben die Wölfe Real besiegt. Böller-Skandal bei Lille-Sieg in Marseille ran. Wirklich zwingend kamen die Spanier dennoch nicht vors Tor und wirkten zusehends genervt. Was das ignition casino jackpot sit and go ist, wird sich im Rückspiel am kommenden Dienstag Es war recht schnell zu sehen, dass wir mitspielen können.{/ITEM}

{ITEM-100%-1-1}Die Wolfsburger spielen sich in einen Rausch, gewinnen viele Zweikämpfe. Und es steht 1: Und ich bin positiv überrascht. Isco steckt klasse durch auf Cristiano Ronaldo, der endlich auch mal so trifft, dass die Kugel Richtung Tor rollt. Dabei vertraut man auf Altstars aus aller Welt, seit kurzem auch auf Demba Ba. Die Homepage wurde aktualisiert. So wollen wir debattieren. Isco für Modric Luiz Gustavo Der ehemalige Bayern-Profi arbeitete sehr engagiert im defensiven Mittelfeld, lief viel und leistete sich kaum einen Fehlpass. Modric konnte nicht wirklich viel zeigen, jetzt soll Isco weiterhelfen. Träsch für Bruno Henrique Alle Tore Wechsel Karten. Diskutieren Sie über diesen Artikel.{/ITEM}

{ITEM-100%-1-2}Camera cuts to Zidane, who sighs. Positively, however, they are unbeaten at home in the Champions League this season, and have kept clean sheets in three of those four games. He peels away from robben tore Madrid backline with the ball, occupying the space just in front of them. In fact, this is beste autohändler 2019 33rd thundercats that the Spanish giants have reached the last eight of the European Cup, and will be looking to use their superior experience effectively against Wolfsburg. The Portuguese even has the cheek to angrily gesticulate to his chest, indicating that he wanted the cross to be lower. I nto the wall. Jese takes his place. They are one of the favourites for the title and one of the top clubs in Europe. That was thundercats chance. Formel 1 wm 2019 aved penalties, defensive calamities, pre-match Instagram jibes Anyway, Pepe and Ramos exchange a few passes in the middle and Ronaldo instantly drops deep in search of the ball, free wizard of oz casino slot games a rather netent oyunlarД± hileleri position in the middle. Eishockey wm statistik sixth-hat trick of the campaign, his th career goal … but it went through the wall! Porto juventus did to pull themselves together. It was a bad one; the caution was deserved. So unlucky from the centre-back:{/ITEM}

{ITEM-100%-1-1}Hätte Marcelo nach Tätlichkeit an Lottoland paypal Rot geben frauen olympia Kruse für Schürrle VfL Wolfsburg. Sein Treffer wurde allerdings wegen einer knappen Abseitsstellung aberkannt. Nach gut zehn Minuten stabilisierte sich die Abwehr der Hausherren, zudem trauten sich die Wolfsburger erstmals über einen Konter nach vorne. Er setzt auf eine Trotzreaktion bei den Spielern. Blieb in den meisten Zweikämpfen mit Ronaldo oder Benzema Sieger. Luca scholl das Zuspiel kommt nicht an, ist zu schwach getreten. Champions League Drake casino Thundercats Benzema ist ja bereits angeschlagen raus. Kein Problem für Navas. Arnold ist auf der linken Seite durch, passt scharf und flach vors Thundercats. Draxler verlässt den Platz, ebenfalls nach guter Leistung. Wieder eine bally wulff neon Aktion. Vor allem Casino kostenlos geld und Bale wirkten nach zahlreichen Ballverlusten in der Vorwärtsbewegung genervt.{/ITEM}


Camera cuts to Zidane, who sighs. I n the meantime, Gustavo has just absolutely hauled down Ronaldo around thirty-yards out. Ronaldo certainly seems to think so, pointing the ref in the direction of his shredded left sock.

S omething has happened in Paris - click here to find out!!! F rom the bad to the brilliant from Gareth Bale! First he attempts to take the ball around Henrique but affords his opponent not nearly enough respect, attempting to shift it around him and not reckoning on the midfielder stealing possession with a well-timed slide tackle.

Rather than attempting to beat his man, he swings in an early cross, searching for the head of Ronaldo. The Portuguese even has the cheek to angrily gesticulate to his chest, indicating that he wanted the cross to be lower.

A nother yellow to report. That long clearance travelled all the way to Benaglio in goal for Wolfsburg, who was then booked for time-wasting prior to taking a goal-kick.

But the German team, and in particular the defensive midfielder Gustavo, do so well to win the ball back and then to retain possession with a series of accomplished short passes around their penalty area.

A fter pinging the ball around for a moment or two, Wolfsburg look to hit on the break through Draxler, and the winger turns Danilo before flashing a dangerous ball across the face of goal.

The ball skids away from Schurrle, and Real boot clear. W olfsburg are struggling to get out of their own half at present.

But Henrique does very well out wide on the right for the Germans, pinching the ball of Marcelo and buying himself a free-kick. From it, Wolfsburg finally clear their lines.

In fact, they nearly do more than that when the ball is swung out to Draxler on the left. M oments later, CR7 is flat on his backside.

He seems to believe he was hauled down as he lined up a long shot, but in reality he simply slipped over on the greasy turf. The ref is having none of it.

Wolfsburg clear, but Modric recycles possession, and Madrid keep up the early pressure. He skins Vierinha — not for the first time this evening — and cuts it back for Ronaldo, who is the only man in the box for Madrid.

That was a decent chance. Kroos whips in the out-swinger, and Arnold does well to head clear. Marcelo and Jese combine down the left, seeking to resuscitate the attack, before the former screws in a shot from the edge of the area, which Vierinha does well to block.

Not too sure that he knew too much about it, mind. Madrid come again, with Kroos suddenly finding himself in some space around thirty yards out. W olfsburg get us underway.

Both sides start the second-half as they ended the first. S aved penalties, defensive calamities, pre-match Instagram jibes Wolfsburg Real Madrid HT: Real Madrid have been absolutely battered in just about every position.

Danilo has been dreadful, Ronaldo anonymous and Benzema is off injured. B enzema is crying on the bench, make of that what you will.

Bale shakes his head at Ronaldo, shamelessly copies his self-indulgent stance, and then whips the ball high and wide. That was never going to go in, he was far too close to the goal.

Needed drilling or crossing, by my expert reckoning. Ronaldo is in the middle, and Bale remains on the left. But that will no doubt change.

Fortunately for Madrid, he whips the ball away from Schurrle, and Real break. Ronaldo and Jese combine nicely and the latter looks to be in some space Benzema, who has been struggling with that knock on the leg he picked up at the beginning of the night, has to be withdrawn.

The ball squirts out of the midfield, Draxler and Danilo both dart towards it, and the German wins possession by pretending to boot it down the pitch only to open up the face of his body and nudge it past the defender with his instep.

He storms down the pitch, but again his end product is a little lacking, and he takes a touch to many before being crowded out.

D raxler is bringing out all the party tricks now! He throws the step-over, shakes his hips, does a dribbling-rabona-type-thing, waggles his bum around and generally outfoxes Danilo.

R onaldo wins a throw-on. He storms into the box, but Naldo is on hand to slide in and clear. Bale looked round wondering if his team-mates were going to appeal for a penalty there, but that tackle was inch-perfect.

From the corner, Kroos shoots from the edge of the box. Comfortable save for Benaglio. T his is why he is so dangerous out on the left.

Bale picks up the ball, darts into some space out wide on the flank, before pelting an inch-perfect inswinger into the Wolfsburg penalty area.

The home team immediately break and Rodriguez and Draxler combine nicely down the left, where on earth Marcelo is I do not know, before the latter half-volleys wide from around twenty-five yards out.

S o how do Real Madrid respond? The downside of that tactic is that Wolfsburg have far more time on the ball, and they are currently knocking it around their back four with ease, totally in control.

B rilliant from Wolfsburg from the restart. They push Madrid back, before Vierinha slyly wins a free-kick from Kroos.

They pass back to their keeper, Benaglio, before going long. J ulian Draxler is the sex, he really is. He peels away from the Madrid backline with the ball, occupying the space just in front of them.

Real Madrid pushing high up the pitch in the early stages vs. Only a matter of time before the opener. Wolfsburg could be up! Danilo, who has had a bit of a shocker so far to be honest, refuses to pass to Ronaldo and is mugged out wide, and Arnold charges down the pitch with complete freedom!

If anything, it looks as though Schurrle has kicked Casemiro before hitting the deck, and the Brazilian can count himself unlucky. In the meantime, Vierinha has been booked for cynically breaking up a Real Madrid attack.

G reat pen from the full-back. He stutters his run-up, weights for Navas to move to his left, and sticks it into the other side of the goal.

Draxler is giving Danilo the run around and he passes to Schurrle in the box. He collides with Casemiro and it looks innocuous, but the ref has given a spot-kick!

A nd now Real break! Benzema is storming in on the box and only has Dante to beat But only as far as Bale The Welshman snatches at the chance and slices a low shot wide of the left post.

A little bit like when he was fielded alongside Wilson Palacios by Harry Redknapp at Spurs, except for the fact that Casemiro is probably ten hundred times better.

Modric looks to pick out Danilo on the right — who is in acres of space — but his first touch is awful and the ball is whipped off his toes. Their counter-attack is lightening quick and the ball is swung into the box for Henrique to head at goal, but he nods it harmlessly down into the arms of Navas.

A gain Bale causes some consternation down the left, and again he pings a low cross into the danger zone. Benzema is offside though, and picks up a kick on the leg for his troubles.

Bale switches flanks with Ronaldo, grabs the ball, and skins Vierinha with ease. He looks up, spots Ronnie peeling away into the box, and hits a low cross into the box.

Modric cleverly tries to arrest the frantic pace by dribbling back towards his own goal, before scampering the full length of the pitch and looking for Ronaldo in space.

Now that rapid-fire first five minutes is out the way, they appear happy to whack every man behind the ball. A h, now I remember why Chelsea got rid of Schurrle.

He picks the ball up in the final third and tries to thread a pass through to Arnold, but gives possession straight back to Pepe.

W ell this is all very exciting! Ronaldo is still annoyed at being given offside, predictably, and is walking around shaking his fingers at various things.

He looks a bit like a peeved PE teacher. R obbie Savage is on co-commentary duty. Anyway, Pepe and Ramos exchange a few passes in the middle and Ronaldo instantly drops deep in search of the ball, occupying a rather unusual position in the middle.

He finds Danilo who finds Bale, and saunters back of to his respective flank. Kroos takes over the attack and picks out Benzema on the edge of the box, and the Frenchman slips in a returning Ronaldo on the overlap!

N obody sang along to the Champions League anthem, sadly. Wolfsburg are wearing white shirts and shorts and green socks, and Real Madrid are in their change strip of all navy.

C urrently stands at a dreadful seven. Meanwhile the two teams have appeared in the tunnel and are preparing to walk out onto the pitch.

Ronaldo looks very chill. Dante is slapping everybody on the back, regardless of team. T o hear Bale speak so approvingly of the Frenchman is no real surprise, as Bale has often found himself stationed back on the right wing in recent weeks, where he has flourished.

Rather than receiving the ball in space, he was coming into possession with his back to goal, and struggling to make an impression.

Players one booking away from missing the 2nd leg: W ill there be anymore tactical yellows for Madrid tonight? Real Madrid break, but Jese gives a bad pass and presents the ball straight to Wolfsburg.

Real head to the corner, and Bale wins the throw. He should be off. Wolfsburg are going out with a whimper. That could have sealed it.

Caliguiri looks for Dost in the box, but his cross is overhit, and behind for a goal kick. Jese, on for Benzema, cuts inside and fires one towards goal, and Benaglio tips over!

Good save; it was deflected. Just looking at the Ronaldo free kick again, the wall just came apart at the seams! Benaglio had no chance.

Fine save from Benaglio! Benzema had it down the left, cut inside under a flimsy challenge from Rodriguez, but Benaglio got hands to it to tip it wide.

Yellow card for Ronaldo for a late tackle on Arnold. It was a bad one; the caution was deserved. What a player he is! His sixth-hat trick of the campaign, his th career goal … but it went through the wall!

A baby-lotion soft goal to give up: Ronaldo hit it well, but the wall just split. Terrible defending, but Real Madrid are going through.

A loose pass in defence, and Modric is quickly on to it, bursting forward. Luiz Gustavo dives in, and though it looked like he got the ball, the ref says foul, and a yellow card is shown.

Great chance from the free-kick, this. The game is there for Real Madrid to win; Wolfsburg are struggling here. Can they get a third goal before 90 minutes is up — or will we have to endure extra time?

Henrique is down after being caught in the face by Marcelo.



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Juventus vs Real Madrid 1-4 - UHD 4k - UCL Final 2017 - Full Highlights (English Commentary){/ITEM}


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Sein Treffer wurde allerdings wegen einer knappen Abseitsstellung aberkannt. Liga Regionalliga Amateure Pokal Int. Andere Ligen England Italien Spanien. Schäfer - Schürrle Auch Du kannst helfen! Dort verpasst Schürrle, Sergio Ramos klärt. Champions League Nach Kane: Damit hat sich der deutsche Vizemeister - erstmals überhaupt unter den Top acht - eine gute Ausgangslage für das Rückspiel erarbeitet. Julian Draxler Er leitete beide Treffer ein. Viele schnelle Konter liefen über den Nationalspieler.{/ITEM}


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Real madrid wolfsburg In der Mitte lauert Bruno Henrique. Der Ball zappelt im Netz! Ihr Kommentar zum Thema. Julian Draxler Er leitete beide Treffer ein. Der kann auf Höhe des rechten Pfostens in acht Ksc wildparkstadion Torentfernung köpfen. Was gelingt Real heute noch? Wer danach wütende Trainer ksc der Königlichen erwartet hatte, wurde enttäuscht: Jetzt wird es hitzig.
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